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Incorporating the Hine Downing Flying Fifteen series, the Mylor Yacht Harbour Sunbeam series, and the Ancasta Champagne Race.


For all competitors, single day entries are excluded entirely from any series, unless 5 or more days are entered. In Carrick, the Wednesday race is a stand-alone race for both the Ajax and Shrimper classes, and does not count in their series. For the Sunbeam class, two series are scheduled over the week, the first running from Sunday to Saturday (10 races), while the 3-day series runs from Thursday to Saturday (6 races). For all the Bay results, the Champagne Race is included in Series 2, but with ×1.5 weighting. It is not included in Series 1. For Dinghies, the Saturday is a stand-alone race which is not score in the series.

H-class (Shrimper) and W-class (Ajax)

For both of these classes the Wednesday race, C6, was a stand-alone race which does not count in the overall series. In the results you will see that the Wednesday race is marked as discarded so that it does not affect the overall score. The rest of the races in the series have discards applied as normal (one discard, in both cases).

Q-class (Dinghy)

The Saturday race is a stand-alone race, and therefore appears as a discard in the overall series. The other six days of the series contributes to their overall score, with one discard applied.