Port of Falmouth Sailing Association


Among the Association's aims are:

  • To encourage and support the sport of sailing (racing and cruising)
  • To represent the interest of members to outside bodies
  • To promote the Falmouth area as a sailing centre
  • To give support to the activities of members
  • To organise Falmouth Sailing Week
  • To help to seek sponsorship of the activities of the members
  • To act as coordinating body for the activities of water users in the waters and estuaries from the Dodman to Lizard Point with the aim of avoiding clashes
  • To publish an annual sailing Calendar
  • To remain affiliated to the Royal Yachting Association, the UK's national body for sail racing and cruising.

PoFSA also purchases insurance to cover racing events for which it is the Organising Authority, and any relevant property.


The Association's Annual General Meeting is held during November. Among its objectives are determining the dates of future events like Falmouth Sailing Week and the various Village Regattas, and electing the officers of the Association.

Minutes of the 2022 AGM are available here. Once ratified at the 2024 AGM, the minutes of the 2023 AGM will be published.


Like many organisations, PoFSA has a number of committees and working parties, some general and some highly specific:

Policy Committee

This committee is made up of one Flag Officer or delegate from each of the full members, and the officers of the Association, chaired by the PoFSA Chairman.

It is responsible for deciding the policies to be implemented to achieve the objectives of the Association.

Mangement Committee

Reporting to the Policy Committee, this committee is formed of the officers of the Association and team leaders, and is charged with conducting the business of the Association.

It has the power to establish working parties to achieve its aims.

Falmouth Sailing Week Organising Committee

Consisting of the Officers, together with the Sailing Secretaries, other representatives of the Member Clubs and others with relevant specific relevant skills and/‌or responsibilities.

Race Management Working Party

A small group consisting of a chairman, the FSW Race Officers, and others with specialist skills, this group undertakes the detailed planning of Falmouth Sailing Week. It has overall responsibility for the safe execution of the race management.

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Sunday 11th to Saturday 17th August 2024

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