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Full members

The local sailing and yacht clubs are full members. Individually they provide a wide variety of potential sailing in the Carrick Roads and Falmouth Bay. All have a clubhouse and would relish a visit from you.

Associate Members

Other groups with an involvement and contribution to make in the organising of sailboat racing locally are welcomed as Associate Members. All the Village Regattas are Associate Members: see their page for more details. Many of the locally sailed racing classes are also Associate Members. If you click on the class, it will take you to their own website if they have one. Many of them organise special events and championships locally, as well as taking part in club racing, Falmouth Sailing Week and the village regattas.

Ajax: a 23ft one design open dayboat which enjoys excellent racing in its 30+ St Mawes-based fleet.

Cornish Shrimper: a traditional looking gaffer with a fleet of 100+ boats locally.  Has an active owners’ association locally which has a racing and cruising programme for the Fal area.

Cornwall Offshore Group (COGS): organise the Cornwall Offshore Group Series, which is a series of yacht races that take place along the south Cornwall coast throughout the spring and summer. There are several classes with an overall prize and team prizes being awarded at the end of the season.

Falmouth Classics: Falmouth Classics organises a weekend of racing to coincide with the Sea Shanty festival in June. It is great spectacle to watch from either on or off the water! In particular the Parade of Sail on the Sunday when about 150 traditional craft sail out from the harbour to the mouth of the estuary, and back again, is a wonder to behold.

Falmouth Working Boats: started life as oyster dredging boats in the Fal and now many have a new lease of life competing in some of the closest racing locally. With a sail area of up to 1000ft² (93m²) they are an impressive sight in full sail. Their World Championships are held over three days in June or July.

A useful chart showing the design and colours of the working boats' topsails is available here.

Gaffers: a class which includes a number of different designs of the traditional gaff-rigged boats. A topsail recognition chart for the gaffers is available . More about the local 'Falmouth 18 Foot Restricted' class may be found here.

IF Boat: The active UK fleet of the 26ft IF (International Folkboat – formerly known as Marieholm) is concentrated at St Mawes.

Piper/Rustler24: a recently formed class association for the Piper and Rustler 24 one-design class. Also concentrated at St Mawes.

St Mawes One Design: designed in St Mawes in 1923, this is one of the oldest one design fleets racing in the Carrick Roads.

Sunbeams: first built in the 1920s and still being built today, Sunbeams have a lasting appeal with their classical lines. Racing is closely fought with fleets based in the Solent and Falmouth. A Sunbeam identification chart is included .

Truro Boating Association (TBOA): promotes and safeguards the interests of boat owners and river users of the Fal estuary, and the conservation of the Truro, Tresillian and Fal river systems, their tributaries, creeks, foreshores and estuary.

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Falmouth Classics
Piper & Rustler24
Piper & Rustler 24s
St Mawes One Design

Sunbeam hull colours

2 Joy 3 Ivy 4 Mary 5 Whimsey
8 Clary 9 Wendy 10 Saucy Sally
15 Mayfly 19 Audrey 20 Verity 21 Maranui
22 Bubbly 23 Phantasy 31 Daisy 34 Vanity
35 Pintail 37 Caprice 38 Halcyone 40 Nancy
44 Lucy 45 Milly 48 Racy Lady 67 Misty

Gaffer topsail chart

The various boats may be recognised by their class number, or by their topsail:

gaffer topsails