Port of Falmouth Sailing Association

Falmouth Sailing Week Sponsors

Flip Flop

Jamhill, the Flip Flop Shop, the Sandal Shop and the Slipper Shop sponsor the online entry system.


Ancasta sponsors the Champagne Race, held on the Wednesday of Falmouth Sailing Week. This standalone race is a coastal race for the larger keel boats in the Bay Fleet, with a long course between 20 and 30 miles, in the general area of Falmouth Bay, Gull Rock and the Manacles.

Hine Downing

Hine-Downing Solicitors sponsor the Falmouth Working Boat class in the Carrick Fleet

Mylor Yacht Harbour

Mylor Yacht Harbour sponsors the Sunbeam class and the 3-day series for the Sunbeams.

Mainbrace Rum

Mainbrace Rum (based in Helford Passage) sponsor The Carrick Rum Race on the Wednesday of FSW, and will be presenting prizes of their eponymous product.

Heather and Lay

Heather and Lay sponsor the Gaffer class.

Evelyn Partners

Evelyn Partners Sponsors of the Bay Fleet 3-Day Series (Thursday – Sunday).

Scent Room

St Mawes Scent Room Sponsors of the Piper/Rustler 24 fleet(s).

Indidog Eatery

Indidog Eatery Sponsors of the Shrimper 19 3-Day Series.

Mariners Supply Company

The Mariners Supply Company Sponsors of the Ajax 23 fleet.

River Boatyard

River Boatyard sponsors the Firebird class.


Velos Insurance Group general Patron sponsor.

Sail Tribe Clothing

Sail Tribe Clothing provide an exclusive collection of merchandise for race competitors and sailing club partners.

Super Yacht Services

Super Yacht Services sponsor the Falmouth Sailing Week volunteer polo shirts.

Turnip Taxis

Turnip Taxis sponsor the Dinghy Classes (Class M, A & Q) in the Carrick Fleet.

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Sunday 11th to Saturday 17th August 2024