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The waters of the Carrick Roads and Falmouth Bay provide one of the finest natural venues for sailing events in the world.

The Carrick Roads is internationally renowned as a venue for sail racing events, attracted by its spectacular scenery, sheltered waters and supporting infrastructure of traditional boat yards, marinas, sail makers and chandlers – not forgetting the hotels, guest houses, restaurants, shops and visitor attractions. The resulting benefits to the local community provided by our sailing events are many indeed. For those who have not sailed before in the Carrick Roads and the Helford River, you are missing a proper treat.  The expanse of water is like sailing on the open sea, but is usually much more sheltered and if you want bigger waves you can always venture into Falmouth Bay. The local area welcomes all sailing visitors, whether racing or cruising, and dinghies or keelboats. Why not bring your boat along with you on holiday and join in on our racing activities?

Besides world class sailing events PoFSA also supports a lively programme of traditional village regattas. We invite you all to support the village regattas, where you will be able to enjoy the spectacular sight of our magnificent local sailboat classes as they compete against each other.

So what is PoFSA? It is an association run by the local sailing clubs in the Falmouth and Helford area of Cornwall, the class associations of locally sailed boats and the local village regattas. Its purpose is to promote sailing in Falmouth by coordinating all sailboat racing activities locally and organising Falmouth Sailing Week, the highlight of our sailing year.

One of the main reasons in creating this website is to encourage an interest in all the sailing events organised by the PoFSA Clubs, Sailing Class Associations and Village Regatta Committees by providing a place to publish our Sailing Calendar and information about the village regattas. Many of these local regattas have been running for over 100 years and are run by a team of volunteers running the racing and the all-important teas and drinks afterwards.

Often they feature children's beach sports events too. The atmosphere of the village regattas is unique great racing and a marvellous welcome at the organising base afterwards. Come and join in, whether you are a local or a visitor, you will be made most welcome.

This is where a love of sailing started for so many; perhaps it could for you too.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the content of this website, please let us know, new ideas are welcome.

Nigel Sharp – PoFSA Chairman | Gaye Slater – PoFSA Secretary

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